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Visualizing digital paths
When we search for something on the internet, we come across multiple sources of information. We jump from website to website, and soon we lose track. The places we came across are listed in cryptic formats. My thesis aimed at finding a design solution for making the search for information on the internet a natural and transparent experience.

How can a research experience on the internet be designed to suit our natural ways of thinking and working? How can searching, finding, and apprehension processes be documented in an elegant way? How can browsing become more traceable and memorable?

TRAILIT is a tool for orientation and navigation on the internet. Digital trails that the user has been left while browsing are visualized by TRAILIT. Places that other users have discovered are made accessible. TRAILIT is using a foldable map as the base. Connections between places and their context become recognizable.
Every TRAILIT map is unique and captures all browsing activities. The invisible structure behind research processes becomes visible. The user can reflect and is inspired through new conclusions and revelations.
The user can share his trails and thus his knowledge and acquired experience.