a table lamp
a moldable textile
a clip socket
"klemming" is a smart, little helper for daily life: A multiple socket the users can clamp everywhere they need power. The object is made completely from a rigid polymer like acetal or nylon, thus providing enough clamping force to hold the sockets in place.

What's special about "klemming" is its ability to clamp by his own tension. The Japanese staple has worked as an inspiration here.

To find a suitable design for the clip, various contours of the clip were created in cross-sections, which were then cut out of a solid plastic block using CNC technology.
The milled parts were equal in their proportions, whereas the connecting parts were different in thickness and size of their radius of the transition from the upper into the bottom part of the clamp.

After various clamping test, it was found that the ridges of the brackets should not exceed 3mm thickness. The upper radius was set to a maximum of 0.3mm and 0.5mm for the bottom radius. The brackets with curved ribs turned out to have a better stability.

The design is derived from the handling and usage and has been reduced to its essentials.